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Department Multimedia Arts

This character, which is created as a main character in a mythological series, is a character of a princess who can control water. Maya’s name is “Mizu”. In Japanese, water is called Meizu. A princess of a water-bound royal family, Maya has physical characteristics similar to the human body. One of Maya’s superpowers is being able to manipulate water. Also has the ability to float on water and emits luminous patterns from the body when the powers are used. The lung system was designed to allow breathing in and out of water, but the land-dwelling Maya kingdom was surrounded by a series of waterfalls. Clothing and jewelry are used to highlight the sexuality of the female body. A small crown and scepter are used to show kingship. The source of the crown and scepter is water. Octopus has been proposed to bring out the shapes of the stick. The specialty of this genus is the pair of long ears like the fins of a fish. Grown hair tends to shine in the light. Maya is not particularly combative and her duty is to protect the purity of the water and protect the water.