Sofa Design For Living Room
Name: Sindupama Chandrasena
Mobile: 0704302955
Department painting

The human feeling of “Happiness” is a psychological state experienced in relation to individual satisfaction. The other extreme here is the negative nature based on moods made up of mental states such as sadness, grief or anxiety. The state of happiness is relative to multiple factors, stimulated by mental and physical conditions. That is, the various personal experiential states that we acquire from birth are relative to multiple tastes, family and social relationships, as well as spiritual and physical acquisitions as well as states of relinquishment. Accordingly, happiness can be identified as a temporary state of mind that is dependent on and stimulated by those factors and can decay and become null or destroyed after those factors collapse. Certain events that were comfortable with one’s experiences in the past may not be comfortable in the present or in this moment. The project seeks to examine the extent to which personal and material correlations add meaning to the subject of objects. By adding visual metaphors and aesthetic values, I aspire to represent through the artwork the connection with happiness from childhood, self-satisfaction, motherhood, and sexuality as well as mnemonics.

Finding happiness in life of 2023.
mixed media,
130 x 107 x 107 cm.